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Best Racquetball Gloves In 2019 For Sweaty Hands

A lot of information online about racquetball gloves is misleading most of the time. And as a fan of racquetball, I think this needs to change.

That’s why I took the initiative to create this guide to help people choose the best racquetball gloves that will fit them and also let’s not forget people with sweaty hands.

You’ll find it all here.

The guide starts with a section about the things you need to consider when searching to buy a racquetball glove and the second section is detailed reviews based on my experience as well in-depth research to present you with unbiased reviews of the top racquetball gloves for the money.

Racquetball Gloves Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Gloves For You?

Racquetball glove provides protection to your hand from stress, pressure impact (of the racquet), sweat, heat, humidity and the other external elements. The primary aspects you need to consider during selection are the material, size and fitment, design and construction, and the comfort of wearing while playing.

  • Material: The Racquetball glove material should be skin-friendly, firm, and yet flexible. Recommended materials are silicon, synthetic or genuine leather, and sheepskin. Fusion with cushioning materials like spandex, natural rubber, and cotton can enhance the comfort of wearing. The material should be washable and easy to maintain. The density of the woven fabric should be high enough to provide impact protection to your hand. The material should have a high resistance to cuts, warping, and abrasion.
  • Size and Fitment: You need to choose the Racquetball glove size that fits comfortably into your hand. Your fingers should move freely without any hassles. Hold the racquet after wearing the glove. If you are able to get a good grip over the handle and vary the grip tightness without any pain or discomfort, you can consider the glove to be practically useful.
  • Knuckle Protection: The glove should preferably have a ribbed construction that is suitable for protecting the knuckles when you bend your fingers. The inner layer of spandex or another soft fabric coating can also help in absorbing the shocks and vibrations generated from the racquet while playing shots.
  • Wrist Strap: The glove should preferably have a wrist strap for ensuring the fitment around the wrist. It should be firm when strapped and flexible to open and adjust the fitment.
  • Air Circulation: The construction of the glove should allow free air circulation through the interiors. It should keep your palm and fingers free from moisture and sweat. It also keeps your hand free from skin irritation and allergens. You can wear the glove for extended playing hours with the
    maximum level of comfort.
  • Exterior Construction: The exterior construction of the glove should be firm and resistant to the elements. It should have resistance to UV, heat, humidity, dirt, and dust. Reinforced layers of soft fabric beneath the top layer can ensure the flexibility of hand movement while wearing the glove.
  • Design: The overall design of the glove should appeal to your aesthetic senses. You can choose the best color of your choice, but make sure it has a contrasting color combination to enhance the visibility from a distance. Red-black and black white are some of the most commonly preferred combinations.
  • Flexibility: The overall construction of the glove should be flexible to allow free movement of fingers. The protective layers of the glove should be able to absorb the stress generated during the game-play. Hence, your fingers, palm, and the metacarpal bones can flex freely without pain and strain. One way of testing the flexibility is to fold your fingers into a fist after wearing the glove. If you can do it without exerting too much of pressure, you can consider it a good quality flexible glove.

Best Racquetball Gloves In 2019: Reviews

HEAD Web Racquetball Glove

The HEAD Web Racquetball Glove is made from the soft and skin-friendly material in the interior layer and a firm construction at the exterior. The addition of soft pads into the knuckles increases the protective factors. They can absorb the vibrations and shocks generated when you play the racquetball shots with the racquet.

The right-hand racquet glove has a mesh-like design covering the index finger, middle finger and the thumb and part of the rear-palm. The micron-sized pores allow free circulation of air while repelling moisture and heat. It keeps your hand cool and dry. The glove has extra padding at the Purlicue region (gap between the thumb and the index finger).

The purpose is to provide a firm grip on the racquet without letting it slip away. It also gives you the freedom to play all your shots related to the service, offensive and defensive actions freely. The material and construction on the wrist section provide a reasonably good grip with the slip-free factor. Soft layer in the interiors repels sweat while the air circulation evaporates it. The most important part of the glove is the spandex layer on the palm. It can enhance the grip of your hand onto the racquet multiple times.

 Designed for free air circulation
 Constructed for maximum grip and comfort
 Soft knuckle pads for enhanced protection
 Reduces racket twist while playing shots

 The grip may reduce when the glove is exposed to moisture

HEAD Web Racquetball Glove

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

The multicolored Python deluxe comes with the added features of grip-strip for getting a firm hold onto the racquet. The entire rear side of the glove has a porous design for smooth airflow. Apart from the knuckle protection pads, the glove also has pads in the Pilica (gap between fingers) regions. They provide protection from an excess of strain and fatigue due to continuous gripping of the racquet.

The two exterior pads over the pinkie-finger and the ring-finger are to ensure protection from the external impact of pressure and accidental friction with the ground and wall while trying to play the straight-in-shots and the pinch shots. Python deluxe has a sophisticated wrist strap with a Velcro grip. You can vary the tightness factor according to the size of your wrist. It provides maximum comfort while keeping the wrist free from sweat and moisture.

The construction of the glove on the palm-side gives absolute grip over the racquet handle. The overall construction of the glove makes it makes it highly flexible to allow free finger and hand movement. The layers of soft Cabretta-leather fabric with the firm external construction enhance the adaptability and the durability of the glove.

 Cabretta leather with grip strip
 Spandex support for cushioning
 Lightweight construction with high durability design

 No visible cons

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

Bionic Men's Right Hand Racquetball Glove

The bionic glove has a firm construction for the wrist strap with the extended Velcro layer. The higher density of the genuine goatskin material provides complete protection from shocks and vibrations. Provision of padding on the rear-surface provides resistance to the accidental exterior impact of the racquetball court walls and floors while playing low-level shots. Now, you can play all your Z and split shots and returns without the fear of hurting your hands.

The soft padding in the knuckles region provides flexibility for free movement while guarding against the sudden impact of playing risky shots like the three-wall, and the pinch types. The construction of the glove layer over the fingers is highly dense and firm. It is due to the stitching of thicker leather layers over the exterior surface.

These layers cover the gap between the fingers as well as the gap between the thumb and the index finger. The design of the Bionic men’s glove reduces the friction between the fingers while holding the racquet. The construction of the material on the palm provides a comprehensive grip, while the overall construction lets you hold the racquet firmly without having to make the hold too tight.

 Goatskin leather for maximum grip and flexibility
 Multiple padding for comfort and smooth interiors
 Strong construction for extended durability

 The Hyde is a bit too thick for amateur players to handle

Bionic Mens Right Hand Racquetball Glove

The design and construction of the Wilson Sting Racquetball glove provide instant fit-in grip. It is due to the contouring of the layers which matches exactly with that of your hand and fingers. Hence, it remains glued to your hand even when you move it rapidly while playing shots. The specialization in pad placement over the knuckles and around the finger circumference provides high cushioning benefits.

They can fit in perfectly with the rubber grips that are provided on the racquet handle. Multiple layered constructions over the fingers and the rear palm provide high resistance to impact on the court walls and floor. They also reduce the volume of stress experienced by the fingers due to the shock waves from playing the shots. The wrist strap is wide and firm with the Velcro design.

The pad used for locking the strap extends till the end of the metacarpal bones on the rear side of the palm. It prevents the accidental reverse bending of these bones when you play defensive shots. The construction of the material over the palm gives a firm grip onto the racquet handle. It remains firm even when the palm becomes wet due to external moisture.

 Genuine sheepskin leather for softness
 Firm construction for grip and durability
 High-density layers for shock and vibration absorption

 No perforations for free air flow

Wilson Sting Racquetball Glove

Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Glove-Left

The Optima Max left-hand glove is designed to enhance your backhand game with a comfortable and fitting grip on the racquet handle. Since a left-hander can play better backhand shots, the glove has the knuckle padding and finger fabric construction for orienting the “V” (between your thumb and forefinger) over the left ridge of the racquet. They let you move your thumb freely for changing the position of “V” during backhand shots with ease.

The double layer construction of the fabric material over the palm lets you hold the racquet with proper alignment and optimum grip between the fingers and the “V”. In this position, you can hold your wrist firmly in static position while rotating only the racquet with your thumb and fingers. The density of the fabric layer below the knuckles protects the proximal and the Metacarpals bones of your hand from injury and pressure impact. It also gives you the freedom to move your fingers by keeping the wrist in a static position.

The wrist strap wraps gently and firmly over the wrist-bone. It allows you to rotate your wrist freely in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions without any form of stress or strain. It allows free circulation of blood into your hands while playing at speeds to enhance the stroke-playing efficiency

 Lightweight construction with sheepskin leather
 Aerated design for smooth airflow
 Finger and knuckle padding for smooth backhand grip

 No visible cons

Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Glove

Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Glove-Right

The black and white colored Optima Max right-hand glove has a highly textured design over the fingers, and around. It is soft and flexible with high resistance to heat, humidity, and moisture. The mesh structure extends from the rear side of the wrist to the tip of every finger, ensuring free airflow. The padding on the knuckles is soft and dense.

It can endure the impact of force and pressure from the tight gripping over the racquet. Soft sheepskin leather provides comfort to the fingers and the firm grip over the racquet. The handle will stay fixed within your fingers even when the impact of moisture and humidity is high within the racquetball court. The wrist strap is simple, yet sophisticated and comfortable. Its width flexibly covers the entire wrist.

You can freely rotate your hand through 360-degrees while wearing the gloves without feeling any stress or strain. Optima Max is a lightweight glove with the optimum thickness and density factors. The layers of sheepskin leather can absorb the vibrations of the forced ball hitting during the shots. They can also provide the maximum protection from abrasion and friction resulting from floor and wall impact.

 Aerated construction for maximum comfort
 Soft pads over knuckles and proximal bones for shock protection
 Flexible wrist strap for freehand rotation

 No visible cons

Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Glove

HEAD Airflow Tour Racquetball Gloves

Head Airflow is a colorful racquetball glove with a sophisticated design and sturdy construction. Reinforced Cabretta leather has the unique properties of closed fiber structure which make it coarse and resistant to the elements. The fusion of nylon and Lycra provides the firmness to the glove structure. It also protects your glove from the hardened stiffness that may cause bruises to your palm and fingers.

Aerated construction over the parts of tendons, fingers, and the palm ensures the optimum airflow for keeping your hand comfortably dry without sweat and allergens formation. The “V” between the thumb and the index finger has an extra layer of protection with aerated pores. The construction is meant to give you better control over the racquet’s ridges for the forehand-grip.

It lets you keep your thumb static and use the four fingers and the palm to rotate the racquet in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. A large protective pad supports the wrist strap for locking around your wrist-bone. It is designed to provide the much-needed stability to your wrist while playing the shots. However, it doesn’t restrict the free rotation in any way.

 Cabretta leather construction for soft grip and flexibility
 Fusion of Nylon and Lycra for firmness
 Palm and “V” designed for forehand grip and shots

 Palm elasticity is not too high

HEAD Airflow Tour Racquetball Gloves

Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Glove

The slim and skin-tight Python vintage is a fully aerated right-hand glove recommended for the feminine hand. In spite of being air-permeable, the rear-palm side of the glove has firmly woven and closely knitted synthetic leather construction. It provides protection from external impact and vibrations from the racquet. The inner fabric layer over the rear-palm and the edges over the fingers are made of the firm yet flexible leather construction.

It allows you to bend and move your fingers over the racquet handle to change the gripping position dynamically while playing. The “V” gives a firm yet gentle grip over the racquet to your thumb. Free movement of the fingers and variable gripping positions allow you to switch between backhand and forehand shots on the move quickly. The palm grip over the racquet is firm yet fluid.

When using the gentle grip, it allows you to rotate the racquet freely by keeping the thumb and wrist static. When in the firm grip, it lets you force your shots with the top speed. The wrist strap has a comfortable locking system with the large-sized pad which also protects your rear- palm from an impact on the walls and floor of the racquetball court while playing low and close shots.

 Synthetic leather construction for flexibility
 Palm and finger fabric design for firm grip over the racquet
 Aerated design for free air flow and comfortable playing experience

 Material construction over the thumb may cause stress while playing for extended hours

Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Glove

E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove

E-Force Chill is rated to be a professional grade racquetball glove by the experienced and expert players. It has a soft interior fabric layer with a firm and strong exterior construction. The glove design varies from the wrist strap to the fingertip according to the functionality of your hand- parts while playing the professional level racquetball.

Aerated structure over rear-palm keeps your hand comfortable and free from sweat. The design of the panels on the tree sides provide firm grip over the racquet. You can change it quickly between the forehand and backhand without having to rotate your wrist. The layers of fabric over the palm and fingers allow you to exert extra force over the racquet with the firm grip.

The “V” construction between the thumb and index finger is firm. The extra layer of fabric padding between the fingers allows you to hold the racquet at variable angles depending on the shots you intend to play without losing control. The wrist-strap is soft and firm around the wrist-bone. The large padlocks it firmly to the rear-palm and protects from pressure and force impacts.

 Overall sheepskin construction ensures comfort and firm grip
 Aerated design for fresh and sweat-free hands
 Top design of palm and finger for forehand and backhand grip and shots

 Palm leather layer may seem thin if you have a sensitive palm

E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove

E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove

If you are looking for a left-handed racquetball glove with a glue-like grip and free-flowing hand movement, the E-Force chill left glove is a reliable solution. The design and construction of the glove allow you play offensive and defensive shots with ease with the firm backhand grip. Hitting the drive-shot with the left hand is considered to be tough due to the quick adjustments you have to make on the grip.

The construction of the spandex finger insert lets you rotate your fingers at agility and angular movement to play the low shots perfectly. The knuckle padding protects the hand from exterior impacts and allows free movement in sync with the fingers. Now you can afford to change your gripping style from the standard professional styles to the most innovative types you may wish to experiment.

The fabric density between the fingers may seem high on viewing, but it is flexible and firm with no feeling of rigidity. You can try all the forehand and backhand ripping styles while playing the offensive and defensive shots. The wrist strap is highly flexible and lets your wrist to rotate freely in 360-degrees. At the same time, the pad keeps your wrist protected from stress and strain factors while playing and holding the racquet over extended hours.

 The complete grip around the racket with soft and flexible leather construction
 Firm “V” design for forceful shots over the backhand
 Free-flowing fingers for dynamically adjusting the angle and grip types

 Racquet twisting could be tough for the beginners

Ektelon Max Tack Pro Racquetball Glove

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