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Best Racquetball Goggles and Eyewear In 2020

Eyewear protection is essential in the sport of racquetball. There’s no way around this. If your eyes worth anything to you then buying goggles for protection should be a priority.

This guide will try to cover everything there’s to know about racquetball goggles and eye protection.

The 1st section talks about the things that you need to understand so that you can be able to make a good buying decision. You can skip this section if you don’t have time. But, it’s better if you take a quick look at it.

The 2nd section is reviews of the best racquetball goggles and eyewear that you can buy in 2020.

The reviews are based on my experience as well as online research to see what people are saying about every racquetball goggles mentioned in this guide.

Best Goggles On The Planet
Gearbox Vision Eye Wear
Best Value For Money
HEAD Racquetball Goggles - Pro Elite Anti Fog & Scratch Resistant Protective Eyewear w/ UV Protection
Gearbox Vision
HEAD Pro Elite
N° Reviews
49 Reviews
156 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Goggles On The Planet
Gearbox Vision Eye Wear
Gearbox Vision
N° Reviews
49 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Value For Money
HEAD Racquetball Goggles - Pro Elite Anti Fog & Scratch Resistant Protective Eyewear w/ UV Protection
HEAD Pro Elite
N° Reviews
156 Reviews
Average Rating

Best Racquetball Goggles Product Reviews 2020

Head Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear

Head Pro Elite has a stylish design with lightweight construction. The crescent-shaped bend on the temple tips provides much grip while wearing.

The latch mechanism on the eyepieces makes the goggles fit onto your head comfortably and firmly.

Similar construction between the temple and the temple tips enhances the flexibility of the tips.

An elastic band connecting the two temple tips provides added stability and protection from accidental falls. The tensile strength and firmness of the frame construction prevent it from stretching beyond the break-point limits while being flexible.

Soft nose pads fixed on the bridge provide comfort with their lightweight construction. Free airflow between the bridges prevents the formation of sweat.

The contour of the upper-frame between the two eye-pieces provides fitment over the eyebrows with your head.

There will be no vibrations while you play at your top speed and agility. Polycarbonate lenses with no eye-wires fit comfortably around your eyes to cover the eye sockets.

They protect from UV and glaring lights. The design mechanism makes the angle of refraction perfect for maximum light capture. It gives a clear view with wide-angle coverage.

You can see the fast-moving ball and the opponent regardless of the random direction and speed.

 Polycarbonate lens for higher visibility and the wider range
 Adjustable temples
 Headband for added protection

 Nose pads don’t have arms

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Gearbox Vision Eyewear Racquetball Goggles

Gearbox Vision Eyewear comes with a wide-angle set of nose pads over a soft base. They fit comfortably over the nose bridge with the maximum rip fitment.

Even the lens design at the nose is wide-angled to increase the grip over the eye sockets. The temple is a single piece with a secure latching to the solid molded central frame.

The locking mechanism enhances the flexibility and wearing comfort. Smooth rubber padding on the inner part of the temple tips positions comfortably over the earlobe with maximum grip fitment.

It can repel sweating in that region which is the common and irritating factor. Hence, you can wear the Gearbox Vision Eyewear for an extended time with developing any signs of skin irritation.

The open construction with overall upper frame design locks comfortably onto the eye sockets at the top and the bottom. The size ratio of the lens is more than the frame.

Hence, the view coverage is high regarding width and height. The lens shape is contoured to capture the maximum volume of light from the exteriors and transmit onto the retina.

Therefore, the viewing is perfect at all the angles.

 Lens to Frame ratio provides maximum viewing angle coverage
 Firm grip
 Medical Optics grade material for the frame polycarbonate for the lens

 A bridge may seem slightly bigger if your head size is small

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E-Force Dual Focus Eyewear

The E-Force dual focus eyewear has a sleek and strong frame construction over the temples, temple- tips, and the lens-top.

The contour of the section makes the frame fit firmly onto your head from the hind earlobes to the top eye sockets.

The bride is relatively denser with a closed structure of the nose-pads. It provides a firm grip over the nose bridge with vibration resistant construction.

The three-piece upper frame has a center part connected to the temple through a latching system. It is connected to the long temple tip that runs until the mastoid bone behind the ear.

The closed shape of the frame provides a firm grip over the head with no probability of slip and fall. The frame has a unique angle of curvature from the temple to the end of temple tip. This curvature provides a firm hold onto your head with no vibrations.

The dual focus lens provides you with a short and long distance viewing mechanism combined into a single piece.

The short distance viewing helps in observing the finest and fastest movement of the ball when it is in front of you.

The long-distance viewing covers the wide angled area from one end of the court to the other end.

 Complete wrapping construction for maximum coverage
 Slim and sturdy frame construction
 Scientifically designed contours for maximum grip

 Screw on the nose pad may cause extra weight

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Python Xtreme View Protective Racquetball Eyeguard

Python extreme has a fall-protected frame design that extends up to the superficial cervical area. With a soft oval band on the temple tip, the eyewear fits in firmly onto your head with no vibrations and shocks.

The single piece temple provides the maximum comfort to your head while wearing and playing over extended hours. The upper frame of the Python Xtreme is sturdy, firm, and yet it is flexible.

The grip factors are high over the eyepiece section, temple-tip curve, and the nose-bridge. The frame can snug around the eye sockets at the top near the brows.

The nose bridge and pad provide the maximum fitment with free air circulation in between. There is hardly any formation of sweat even when you play for hours. The all-white design of the Python Xtreme makes it unique in its visibility scope.

With the wide angled frame and crescent-shaped lens, it can cover the court from one end to the other end easily.

The tiny gaps at the rim of each lens allow the air to flow freely into the Eyeguard interior while you wear it. They prevent the formation of sweat and keep your skin free from allergens.

 Adjustable frame construction
 Wide angled view lens
 Smooth frame curvature around the head for a maximum grip

 Cleaning and maintenance could take longer time

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HEAD Raptor Eyeguards

The HEAD Raptor Eyeguards have a tough frame construction with an optimum angle of curvature from the eyepiece extending up to the temple tips.

The insertion of a soft and firm gripping pad into the temple tips interior provides secure fitment with your head behind the ears.

The extra dense frame can endure high volumes of stress and pressure which are generated by your rapid body movement.

It is due to the best quality tensile strength with tolerance for heat, humidity, and the external impact.

The connector between the main top frame and the temple is flexible and adjustable. You can vary the tightness factor by slightly adjusting the fitment with your hands after wearing.

The hollow interiors of the frame nearer to the lens allow free air circulation over the most sweat-prone section of your head, especially when you wear an Eyeguard. The vents are also provided over the lens near the top frame.

These structures are helpful in evaporating the sweat and tiny droplets of moisture they may enter from the exteriors. The elastic band between the twin temple tips provide fall-free protection and added grip.

 Sturdy frame construction
 Optimum fitment and firm grip with rubber padding
 Soft and protective nose pads

 No visible cons

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Unique Racket Specs Eye Guard with Lens

The Unique Racket Specs Eye Guard with Lens is designed like the snow-protection goggles with contoured frame design, large headband, and a dual-layered lens.

The design of the nose-pad can provide comfortable and firm fitment over the nose bridge.

The flat and wide frame has a distinctly protective angle of curvature from the lens up to the edge where the elastic strap is bound to it. You can remove the strap from the rear frame locking mechanism very easily.

The adjustable sliding buckle can allow you to vary the size to fit onto every size of the head with comfort. The single piece frame has a high value of tensile strength and impact resistance according to the ASTM standards.

It wraps around your head and eye sockets with maximum grip and comfort. It won’t move a millimeter when you wear it and play your game.

The dual layer polycarbonate lenses provide crystal clear view at wide angles. The lenses are designed to capture the maximum light from the surrounding with no glare or reflection.

Hence, you can see the ball and player movement accurately on the court.

 Singe piece frame with sturdy construction

 Double layered lens for maximum coverage
 Full frame for longer durability
 Strap interior is not very soft

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Head Icon Pro Racquetball Eyewear, Clear/Black

The Head Icon Pro comes with a single piece center frame and a sleek temple connected with a strong screw assembly.

The embedded rubber pad inside the temple provides extra grip and secure fitment. It is also soft and smooth to provide maximum comfort while wearing.

The wide bridge and the nose-pad hold onto your nose-bridge firmly without any shaking.

This kind of structure is highly recommended when you play in hot and humid indoor conditions. They can prevent the sweat formation with constant airflow throughout the length of the frame.

The temple and the inner frame are sleek in design and take up much lesser space than the lens. However, their tensile strength and the solid construction provide the maximum protection to the lens.

The lens curves from the bottom edge of the eye socket to the top edge through the most optimum angle for enhanced vision. Not a single object on the court can go missing from the coverage.

You can visually track the ball moving in random angles and rapid speeds. You will also be able to view the hand and wrist movement of your opponent.

 Protective elastic strap
 Large angled lens for wider coverage of the view
 Sturdy and sleek frame

 The band has no adjustable buckle

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Wilson Omni Raquetball Protective Eyewear

Wilson Omni comes with a brightly visible protective band and an almost invisibly transparent frame and lenses. The first visible thing you observe is its construction of the bride and nose-pad.

Both are big and broad like a snow protection goggle. The overall construction of the frame makes it sturdy and resistant to the elements.

The transparent material can absorb and transmit light onto the lenses to enhance the scope of visibility. You don’t experience any distortions while playing and moving at high speeds.

The frame construction at the temples makes the maximum volume of air flow possible. This kind of structure is highly recommended when you play on the hot and humid indoor conditions where the airflow is low.

The cervical structure of the lens can absorb the incoming light from all directions and angles. As the light passes through the lens, it goes through the perfect curvature angle and reaches the lens center.

The retina in your eyes can get the optimum concentration of light for accurate and wide angles viewing.

 Transparent construction for maximum light absorption
 Thick and wide bridge and pad for comfort an grip
 Accurate visibility

 No visible cons

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Ektelon RX Flip Protective Eyewear

Ektelon RX looks more like traditional eyewear in its design outlook. The full-frame covers the eye sockets completely. Protection from dust, water, heat, and humidity is the maximum you an experience.

Relatively thicker frame with a high-density bridge, nose-pad, center structure, and temple ensure long durability. In spite of having a dense and firm construction, the frame is light in weight.

Firm grip over the head is made possible by the angular construction of the main frame and the temples.

You won’t experience any sensation of vibrations and loosening grip at any point in time. You can relax and play your natural game at high speeds.

Despite the reduced dimension of the lens, it can provide a wider coverage due to the construction. You can insert a prescription lens into the frame for enhancing the scope of visibility and the clarity.

The construction angle can enhance the coverage across the width and the vertical height.

 Full frame with highest protection features
 Option for inserting prescription lens
 Firm grip over the nose and earlobes

 No protective elastic band

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Python Intro 2000 Protective Racquetball Eyeguard (Eyewear)

Python Intro 2000 has a sleek frame with a completely covered protection for the bridge and the nose- pad construction. Firm grip over the nose bridge extends around the eye sockets and onto the rear side of the earlobes.

The embedded rubber pad onto the temple tip’s interior provides comfort, softness, and a firm grip. The entire temple is bent from the mainframe to the tip at an evenly changing angle.

The construction of the temple tip is relatively firm. It protects the lens from the vibrations emanating due to the rapid head and body movement during the game. The top bar of the frame is angled downward at a gradual contour.

Similar construction at the bottom of the bridge fits the frame firmly onto your nose-bridge. You won’t experience any feeling of discomfort and lose fitment while playing.

The polycarbonate lens is designed to provide maximum focus width and height. It can avoid the scattering of light by absorbing the maximum ratio into the center.

Hence, you can get the maximum possible coverage all over the court. You can observe the fast moving ball in random directions and angles with absolute clarity.

 Sleek and strong frame
 Crystal clear lens
 Wide coverage design

 No elastic strap

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Racquetball Goggles Buying Guide: What To Look For?

In the racquetball sport, the ball moves at an average speed of 130-140 miles per hour with the maximum of 150+.

Your eyes should be able to track not only the speed but also the random direction.

The coordination between your eyes and arms can be the critical factor that decides your playing efficiency.


The Racquetball goggles play a critical role in enhancing the visibility and tracking the efficiency of the ball while playing. The other task is to protect your eyes from dust, heat, and moisture.

It should fit in comfortably on your nose-bridge and ears without causing stress and irritation. It should have a firm grip while playing, bending, and moving around the court.

It should be resistant to glare, scratches, dust, and moisture.

Lens Material

Glass is being replaced with synthetic materials like polycarbonate, SAN, and other transparent lenses. They are lightweight and excellent in optical characteristics.

They can absorb the maximum available light within the court and provide a clear and broad vision. They cover the court, the rapidly moving ball and your opponent’s movements and actions.

Quality standards should conform to the ASTM.

Frame Material

The lightweight frame can be made of ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, or the other synthetic material. It should be skin friendly and free from toxic elements.

Molded frame with added pigments will provide the color and shades which is better than the painting on the manufactured frame.

Insertion of medical grade rubber layer on the gripping locations can provide extra stability depending on your level of comfort with that material.

Frame Construction

Check the bridge, lens height and width, frame type (full or half), and the temple dimensions. They should match your comfortable wearing and clear viewing.

The frame should fit-in more tightly than your normal eyewear with optimum space for smooth airflow. It can prevent the formation of a foggy layer on the lenses.

You may choose half frame on the lens or full frame, depending on your comfort levels.


The Racquetball goggles should be flexible, yet firm in design. Slight bending at the temple and the ear region can provide other rips for the frame.

Head Size

Choose the Racquetball goggles that fit your head size.

The Temple should remain straight when you wear. They should not apply pressure on your head while wearing. At the same time, they should have a firm grip.


The End-pieces on the frame can act as the spring points for flexibility and firmness of grip.

They make it easy to wear and remove the Racquetball goggles comfortably.

Prescription Lens

If you wear prescription glasses regularly, the lens should preferably have the same power with plastic material.

Power Optics

The Index of refraction should be within the ASTM recommended standards. The maximum light should enter your retina with near to zero deviation.

Avoid lenses that reflect light since they can cause a reduction in clarity of visibility while playing, and moving.

Impact Resistance

The goggles should have high resistance to impact of force and pressure while playing. Break-proof construction protects from accidental falls.

Head Band

Having an elastic band between the two temple tips can provide extra protection and avoid falls.

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