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Best Racquetball Shoes For Men and Women In 2020

Racquetball shoes are an essential element in the game that may affect your performance if you went with the wrong choice. This guide is here to help you not make that mistake.

Below, I review the best racquetball shoes for men as well as for women that you can buy in today’s market.

This article is updated regularly to make sure that it includes the latest racquetball shoes in the market.

I hope this guide helps you find the right shoes for your racquetball matches.

Men's Choice
HEAD Men's Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking) (Black/Blue) 7.0 (D) US
Women's Choice
New Balance Women's 806 V1 Tennis Shoe
HEAD Men's Sonic 2000
New Balance Women's WC806
N° Reviews
72 Reviews
310 Reviews
Average Rating
Men's Choice
HEAD Men's Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking) (Black/Blue) 7.0 (D) US
HEAD Men's Sonic 2000
N° Reviews
72 Reviews
Average Rating
Women's Choice
New Balance Women's 806 V1 Tennis Shoe
New Balance Women's WC806
N° Reviews
310 Reviews
Average Rating

Best Racquetball Shoes For Men In 2020 Reviewed

1. Adidas Men's Barricade Club Shoe

Both recreational and avid racquetball players are sure to love how the Adidas Men’s Barricade Club shoe perfectly blends comfort and performance.

This shoe comes with full-length ADIPRENE+ to give the player optimum cushioning and rebounding, and just as well, lightweight yet plush cushioning is further enhanced by the provision of an EVA midsole.

This shoe has a low-top design, and so it might not be an ideal choice for the players who are particularly prone to ankle injuries, but on the other hand, the 3D TORSION® gives players adaptive mid-foot support to guard against foot strain and such related injuries.

Protection is further offered by the abrasion-resistant ADITUFF™ which wraps around the toe and the medial forefoot area to guard against foot drag.

Built to last, the shoe features quite some features designed to enhance its high-wear durability, and one such feature is the ADIWEAR™ outsole. Besides its durability, the rubber outsole also offers excellent grip, and because it is non-marking, players can wear this shoe during indoor play.

Another hard-wearing feature is the 360-degree TPU support foil which provides great lateral stability besides enhancing the durability of the shoe in key abrasion areas.

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2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Shoe

Just as the name suggests, the ASICS Gel-Rocket racquetball shoe is popular because of its impressive GEL® cushioning system located at the forefoot.

This provides great shock absorption during impact phase and ensures that you get to stay at the top of your game even after playing for an extended period.

In addition to that, this shoe features Trusstic system Technology which allows the shoe to remain lightweight but while still maintaining its structural integrity for adequate foot support.

This way players get to play liberally without getting weighted down and without having to worry about whether they are getting adequate protection and support.

It is worth noting that this shoe has a shaft that measures low-top from the arch and so it is a shoe designed for the players who choose freedom of movement over immense ankle protection.

This shoe allows for extensive footwork techniques, and the full-length gum rubber outsole ensures that players never have to worry about slipping and falling or missing a shot.

Better yet, the sole is non-marking, and so the shoes can comfortably be worn when playing in indoor polyurethane-sealed court floors. For extra support, players may choose to add their preferred insole inserts purchased separately.

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3. HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low-Top Indoor Court Shoes

Players who often get very hot and sweaty feet will love the HEAD Cooling System incorporated within the HEAD Grid 2.0 racquetball shoe. HEAD’s Cooling System is a dynamic and innovative “climate control” kind of system which maintains ultimate breathability within the shoe.

This is achieved by absorbing excess heat build-up and releasing it to the outside of the shoe so leaving the player’s feel refreshingly cool and dry.

The breathability of the shoe is further enhanced by the air mesh upper which also contributes towards the flexible nature of the shoe so that players can have unrestricted movements.

HEAD’s HyBrasion Technology is another superior feature incorporated into this shoe. HyBrasion is a high abrasion compound rubber formula which is specifically designed for the high-stress areas of the outsole of the shoe.

This way, they get to achieve a durable shoe outsole design that offers hard-wearing resistance on any floor surface. At the same time, the gum rubber outsole is non-marking, and so this shoe is great for use in indoor courts.

As far as protection goes, this shoe comes with impressive toe drag resistance and an EVA midsole that is lightweight but while still offering great shock absorption.

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4. HEAD Men's Sonic 2000 Mid-Cut Indoor Court Shoes

The HEAD Sonic 2000 comes in a great mid-cut design which offers sufficient ankle protection but without restricting the player’s freedom of movement while on the court.

In addition to that, this shoe also features HEAD’s Heel Energy Frame Support and what this means is that the heel of the shoe is pre-moulded to offer superior comfort and stability.

Still, on comfort and protection, the EVA midsole in this shoe is ultra-comfortable and lightweight but while still offering sufficient protection against strain and injuries.

When a shoe features superior comfort and stability, the player is less likely to suffer from aches after an intense game that has gone on for an extended period.

The leather upper of this shoe is very comfortable and flexible, and the mesh upper is pleasantly lightweight and airy to keep the player’s feel cool and dry throughout the game. Just as well, the breathability of the shoe is further enhanced by the mesh tongue.

The gum rubber sole on this shoe offers superior traction, and it is also very durable. Additionally, the non-marking properties of the sole allow it to be gentle and suitable for use on indoor court surfaces.

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Designed specifically for the players that have smaller and narrower feet, this shoe runs a little small, but it gives a perfect fit one a player has found their right size.

Besides that, the shoe is also incredibly lightweight weighing a mere 12 ounces (for the size 10.5), and it is also very durable having been constructed from pure leather as opposed to synthetics.

Despite the leather construction though, the shoe feels comfortable right out of the box, and it hardly needs any breaking in time. The durability of the shoe is further enhanced by the high-density gum rubber sole which offers perfect abrasion resistance and skid resistance.

The interior of this shoe comes with a high-quality soft mesh fabric with very strong sweat absorption properties that will suit even the heaviest sweaters.

The sweat absorbing mesh keeps the feet dry and comfortable throughout the game even you’ve been playing for hours. The surface in-sock also helps with keeping the feet dry and cool as well as strengthening movement stability of the player.

Stability is further enhanced by the tick back heel which provides great shock absorption when the player makes a landing.

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6. Ektelon Men's T22 Mid-Cut Synthetic Racquetball Shoes

The synthetic upper of the Ektelon T22 is perhaps one of the shoe’s greatest features because this material makes the shoe very lightweight and very easy to break-in. This is the kind of shoe you can play a major tournament with right out of the box because it feels very comfortable right away.

Besides being very comfortable and flexible, the synthetic upper is also very durable, and it holds its shape very well even after extended use.

This shoe is also very breathable, and this is achieved using the air mesh quarter, the mesh tongue and the mesh vamp which ensure maximum air circulation for proper ventilation.

The interior of the shoe also features superior construction starting with the PU sock liner which gives extra cushioning and enhances the good fit of the shoe. Additionally, the sock liner also offers superior, long-lasting support.

Besides the sock liner, this shoe also comes with a ShockEraser midsole insert which absorbs heavy impact in the heel pretty well hence protecting the player from strains and other suck related injuries.

As far as the grip goes, the tacky gum rubber outsole guarantees that players never have to worry about slipping or losing balance during their game.

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7. New Balance Men's MC-806 Racquetball Shoe

If you are looking for a no-frills shoe that offers great support and stability while you’re on the court, then this is just the shoe you are looking for.

To begin with, the shoe features New Balance’s ABZORB cushioning and this provides a plush and comfortable midsole with compression resistance properties that allow for efficient absorption of forceful impacts.

Similarly, for extra support, the midsole is also made from compression-moulded EVA and C-CAP. The rubber outsole features a herringbone design which allows for increased traction thus allowing for ease of lateral motion and quick pivoting without the player losing his balance.

The outsole is also non-marking, and so the shoe can be worn on indoor courts.

Comfort is further enhanced by the long tongue of the shoe, and the good loop lacing system gives great support and a secure fit. Just as well there is a reinforced toe feature for protection and prevention of toe drag.

As far as ventilation goes, the toe box and side panel are perforated to allow for free circulation of air hence keeping the player’s feet pleasantly cool and dry. The toe box is also wider than that of most shoes, and so there is sufficient room for comfort and enhanced footwork.

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Best Racquetball Shoes For Women In 2020

1. ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Racquetball Shoe

To give the shoe unrivaled stability and comfort, the Gel Rocket 7 shoe upper is stitched around a canvas board then directly attached to the EVA midsole.

This design reduces seams and overlays thus giving an overall comfortable fit without protrusions that press against the player’s skin.

At the same time, the Trusstic System incorporated within this shoe allows it to have superior structural integrity while keeping the weight of the shoe relatively low for freedom of movement.

This shoe weighs a mere 9.5 ounces, and this is a perfect weight considering the shoe is designed with the female player in mind.

The forefoot GEL cushioning system is placed strategically in areas of the shoe that are most prone to strenuous foot movements, and this helps in attenuation of shock during the impact phases of the game.

The NC Rubber outsole is designed to have more rubber content than the traditional solid rubber soles, and so this gives the shoe a better grip and enhanced durability.

The sole also gives better performance when it comes to quick movements such as turns and jumps, and it is also non-marking and therefore, suitable for indoor courts.

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2. New Balance Women's WC806 Racquetball Shoe

This shoe might not look very stylish, but it is a perfect option for the female racquetball players looking for footwear that offers exceptional support and stability.

To begin with, this shoe has a full grain leather upper, and while this does not offer a lot of flex, it is incredibly sturdy and durable, and so you are assured you are investing in a shoe that will last several playing seasons.

The longevity of the shoe is further enhanced by the long-wear drag tip and the Ndurance® rubber compound outsole. The sole is also non-marking, and so the shoe can be worn in indoor courts.

Additionally, the rubber outsole bears a herringbone design that allows for enhanced traction and a firmer grip.

The Lightning Dry® liner features a padded footbed that is pleasantly comfortable and has high sweat absorbing properties, so the player’s feet are always cool and dry all throughout the game.

Additionally, the toe box is also perforated, and this enhances the breathability of the shoe. Shock absorbing properties are provided by the ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot, and the mid-foot also contains C-CAP® for extra cushioning and support.

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3. ASICS Women's GEL-Blast 5 Shoe

One striking feature of this shoe is P.H.P® (Personal Heel Fit), which is essentially 2 layers of memory foam incorporated within the heel of the shoe.

This design makes the shoe incredibly comfortable and gives a personalized glove-like fit for every player because the memory foam shapes itself to suit the player’s feet.

The perfect fit of the shoe is enhanced further by the asymmetrical lacing design which provides a secure fit ensuring the foot stays in place.

Besides the P.H.P, there are also the Rear-foot and forefoot GEL® Cushioning Systems which provide impressive shock absorption thus drastically reducing the force generated during the impact phase.

The outsole of this shoe comprises a composition of partly organic and partly non-organic rubber and both the organic and the inorganic rubber have been blended to give rise to a sole that provides perfect grip and while remaining very durable and this compound is known as WET GRIP® rubber.

This outsole design provides perfect traction even on wet surfaces, and that’s pretty impressive. The Trusstic System offers great stability and ground control but at the same time, guarantees that the shoe remains as lightweight as possible so that the players perform optimally without feeling weighed down.

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4. ASICS Women's GEL-Court Bella Shoe

Specially designed for a woman’s foot, the ASICS GEL-Court Bella racquetball shoe comes with a moulded ortholite® arched sock liner which results in superior comfort and a perfect sock-like fit and feel.

For the same purposes of enhanced comfort, the shoe also features a low-profile midsole and a no-sew synthetic upper.

Since the upper does not have any stitching seams, the shoe has no protrusions pressing against the player’s foot, and besides being very comfortable to wear, this seamless design also results in the enhanced flexibility of the shoe for unrestricted freedom of movement.

Besides the synthetic upper, there are also air mesh portions which allow for a good free flow of air thus eliminating heat build-up in the feet and reducing the likelihood of having sweat accumulate in the shoe.

Both the forefoot and the rear-foot GEL® Cushioning Systems make the shoe very comfortable to wear with impressive shock absorption properties which come in handy during the impact phase.

Alongside that is the midfoot Trusstic System which allows the footwear to have impressive structural integrity for unrivaled stability but while still keeping the shoe pleasantly lightweight.

For enhanced toe durability, this racquetball shoe comes with PGuard Toe Protector, and the rubber outsole provides superior grip even on indoor court surfaces.

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5. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s Shoe

What makes the K-Swiss Bigshot such an incredible racquetball shoe is the fact that it has been designed specifically for the players who are still developing their footwork.

To allow for this, the shoe comes with compression moulded EVA located in the midsole area of the shoe, and this largely enhances the comfort and fit such that players can be out on the court for extended periods of time without getting strains and aches in the feet.

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Additionally, the shoe also features a compression moulded EVA sock liner for the same purposes of enhanced fit and comfort.

The sock liner also offers impressive moisture-wicking properties, so the player does not get uncomfortably sweaty feet during a game. The synthetic upper of the shoe has perforation for enhanced breathability and flexibility of the shoe.

The outsole, on the other hand, comprises high-density Aosta 7.0rubber compound that is very durable and gives superior grip on any court surface.

Technologies incorporated within the outsole are DragGuard and DuraWrap Light, and the two give more protection to the areas that are most prone to wear.

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6. New Balance Women's 786v2 Cushioning Shoe

The New Balance 786v2 shoe is a perfect choice for the hard-hitting players who need that extra cushioning for superior shock absorption.

This is made possible using New Balance’s ABZORBZ® Technology heel which offers extra stability in addition to reducing the impact on the foot. ABZORBZ offers superior cushioning that that offered by other EVA midsoles because the former stays bouncy much longer than other foams do.

Additionally, it is very lightweight and so does not take up too much room in the shoe. Cushioning is further enhanced by the use of C-CAP® Technology in the midsole.

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The Ndurance® rubber outsoles give great motion control by offering unrivaled traction, and they also offer the player much-needed sturdiness and stability. The grip is further enhanced by the herringbone design featured on the sole of the shoe, and this ensures perfect traction on all court surfaces.

The outsole is thicker along the edge of the shoe, and this design ensures that players get to experience safe and easy lateral movement without running the risk of rolling their ankles.

The toecap is reinforced to enhance the longevity of the shoe by safeguarding against toe drag.

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7. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Women’s Shoe

The upper of this shoe features a soft, breathable mesh, and besides enhancing air flow within the shoe, this upper also makes the shoe more flexible, thus giving a better fit right out of the box.

For extra strength, this mesh upper has been reinforced by 3D-F.S Technology to allow for stability and responsiveness, and this reinforcement also allows the shoe to retain its shape even after years of wear and on-court abuse.

Additionally, the upper of this shoe has a seamless design, and so there are no stitched protrusions pressing against the player’s feet when they wear the shoes.

This way, the shoe gets to give a perfect glove-like fit that is very comfortable even after extended hours on the court.

The width of this shoe is rather snug around the forefoot region, and this is perfect keeping in design that the shoe has been designed with the female player in mind.

The perfect fit is further enhanced by the use of Endofit® inner lining which helps lock in the shoe thus giving it better comfort and support.

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Features To Consider When Buying Racquetball Shoes In 2020

Racquetball Shoes Grip

Racquetball is a high-intensity sport that involves quite some swift movements.

As a result, therefore, the right footwear should meet the demands of the sport and provide a high amount of traction even when used on a court that has a smooth floor surface.

Ideally, gum rubber is the popular material used on racquetball shoes because it not only provides maximum grip, but it also does not mark the polyurethane-sealed racquetball court floors.

Another point worth noting is that racquetball shoes for different player levels will come with different grip levels.

For beginner level players, the footwear should not have a very hard grip because their feet need to twist easily as they work on their legwork.

Professional players, on the other hand, need shoes that have a higher amount of grip so that they can control their leg movements more efficiently.

Protection In Racquetball Shoes

Playing racquetball requires the versatility of being able to move side to side or front to back at random and often, from a static position.

Keeping this in mind, therefore, it is important that players find a shoe that offers adequate support for their feet whichever direction they move while on the court.

The ideal racquetball footwear will provide support in three ways: excellent ankle support, excellent support for the arch of the foot and adequate toe protection.

In racquetball footwear, ankle protection is offered by the back part of the shoe, and different shoe brands will offer different levels of ankle support.

High tops offer the most ankle protection, but they can be quite restrictive whereas low tops offer the least support, but they allow for a lot of freedom of movement.

Arch support is provided by mid-foot cushioning as well as heel and forefoot support, and lastly, toe protection is offered by the reinforced toe commonly found in most racquetball shoes.

Racquetball Shoes Fit

During sports and other such physical activities, the muscles get a ‘pump’ and so as a result, your feet will get swollen after playing racquetball for extended periods of time, and this will happen quite often.

Taking this into consideration, try making sure your feet and ankles are swollen whenever you go to try on a pair of new shoes or when you are taking measurements for your shoe size.

Also on this note, be wearing the socks you expect to be playing in to guarantee a proper fit, all factors considered.

The right footwear should always feel comfortable and allow for free movement of your feet. The shoe should fit just right without being too big or too small but how exactly do you check for this? It is all about the toes.

The big toe should not press up against the edge of the shoe; rather, it should be slightly behind the edge of the shoe.

Not a whole inch away because then this will mean that the shoe is too big, but just far enough to allow you to wiggle your toes.

Weight of Racquetball Shoes

No player wants to end up with a pair of shoes that is too heavy to play in in the first place. Ideally, the best racquetball footwear should be lightweight enough to allow for freedom of movement but similar to grip, the weight of the racquetball shoes may vary depending on the player level the shoe has been designed for.

Beginner level shoes tend to be lighter in weight than professional level shoes, and this is because the two groups of players have different levels of footwork mastery.

All in all, though, the player should feel comfortable in the shoe and should also be able to move freely without feeling weighted down.

Soles (Inner and Outer Soles)

The inner soles of racquetball shoes are designed differently to cater to different player feet types: flat-footed and arc-footed.

Players need to keep this in mind therefore when trying out different shoes so that they get the perfect shoe designed just for them.

Many modern racquetball shoes, however, allow players to swap the insole out for an insert of their preference.

Inserts are designed for different purposes, and so players can conveniently find one that suits them if they are looking for something particularly specific.

As for the outsole, be sure not to go for something that’s very slippery because then you’d only end up slipping very easily during the game.

Additionally, choose an outsole that is suitable for your playing surface because shoes meant for outdoor play will end up scratching and damaging indoor court floors.

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