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E-Force Racquetball Racquets Reviews [BEST OF 2020]

There’s a fantastic feeling that comes when you play racquetball using a name brand racquet.

Perhaps it’s the fact that you trust the quality of the racquet. Or simply the fact that you know you’re using a racquet designed for the pros.

Whatever it is, it’s a powerful feeling, and that power will show even in your game.

Well, we can’t talk about racquetball name brands without mentioning E-Force now, can we?

A couple of years ago, E-Force was the leading racquetball brand, but their presence appears to be dwindling of late.

Or is it?

E-Force Racquetball Brand Background

The history of E-force is quite eventful, and some dates are murky, but here’s the gist of it.

E-Force was founded in 1989 by a former racquetball player who was also a two-time World Championships titleholder.

The man in question is Egan Inoue.

After suffering an injury that ended his racquetball career, in 1993, Inoue went on to sell his stake in E-Force.

He returned to Jiu-Jitsu, thereafter launching a successful career in Mixed Martial Arts.

E-Force was taken over by Ron Grimes, who endeavored to make it an authority brand in the world of racquetball.

Little fun fact about Ron: he was formerly a senior executive at Ektelon.

So, when he took over E-Force, Ron brought with him a ton of experience, which perhaps explains the success of the brand.

E-Force frames have more technology than any other company’s frames, and this has earned them a ton of respect in the sport of racquetball.

Perhaps their most notable E-Force racquet technologies are the patented 22’ LongString Technology.

This technology extends the main strings of the racquet through the entire length of the hollow handle.

The result is the racquet having center mains which are at least 6” longer than what you’d find on competitors’ racquets.

The longer main strings have the advantage of being able to stretch further, therefore providing a more powerful shot.

Another technology unique to E-force racquets is the patented Dual Cylinder Construction used for the frame.

Instead of using a single hand-laid carbon-graphite tube, this technology uses two ultra-thin tubes, joined by a graphite bridge.

The result is a deep channel on the inner frame, which allows for longer strings and more power, as well as reduced frame twist and distortion.

Using the patent-pending Fiber Alignment Technology (FAT) Zones, E-force has been able to strengthen the weak areas present in the sharply curved racquet head.

By stiffening high-stress areas on the frame, the racquet gets to be much more powerful and durable.

The G2 Power Boosters Technology, introduced in 2014, helped stabilize the strings so that it can deliver more power to off-center shots.

This provides better ball control and accuracy by creating a solid hitting surface.

Among other amazing technologies by E-Force include the Powerhouse Shaft, Full Motion String Technology, and Zero Richter Tubes.

There is also Hi Compression String Technology, and Sector 5 Technology, just to mention a few.

All these technologies come to life in their racquets, regardless of whether it’s an entry-level or a premium racquetball racquet.

In case you did not know yet, we have our roundup guide to help you choose the best racquetball racquets that will fit your style and meet your preferences.

Best E-Force Racquetball Racquets In 2020

1. E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet Series

The E-Force Apocalypse racquets were released in 2015.

They are available in 160g, 170g, 175g, and 190g.

The 160g and 175g racquets come with a Quadraform head shape for control.

On the other ahnd, the 170g and 190g racquets have a teardrop shape for power.

The first striking feature in the Apocalypse series is the 2nd Generation Hi-Octane Power Boosters.

These Power Boosters enhance and extend the stability of the string bed, thereby resulting in increased power for both on and off-center shots, for better ball control.

At the same time, the racquets feature Zero Richter Tubes, which is E-Force’s built-in vibration dampening system.

These flexible tubes are located in the handle of the racquet, and they dampen the main strings individually.

Reduced vibrations mean the racquet feels more steady in the player’s hands, and this solid feel allows for greater control.

  • Durable graphite frame construction.
  • It comes with a sizeable sweet spot.
  • Available in a variety of weights.
  • Features vibration dampening.
  • Quite costly.

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2. E-Force Bedlam 170-Lite

The Bedlam 170-Lite is actually E-force’s all-time best-selling racquet.

The racquet features original technologies such as 22” LongString and Total Carbon Head; and newer technologies such as Booster Tubes.

The 22” LongString Technology consists of eight center main strings extending the entire 22-inch length of the racquet.

This is made possible using a hollow graphite handle, and the technology allows for a greater deflection of the string bed for unbelievable power.

Launchpad Technology involves eliminating cross strings in the throat area, which tend to cause deflection distortion.

This way, the string bed deflection is more proportionately distributed for maximum power.

The Total Carbon Head of the Bedlam 170-Lite allows for stiffness and durability, not to mention increased power as well.

As you might have guessed already, E-Force tends to focus a lot more on increasing the power of their racquets.

So, this is one racquet that won’t disappoint if what you’re looking for is power.

  • Very stiff, durable frame.
  • Lightweight construction for maneuverability.
  • Features vibration dampening.
  • It has an excellent sweet spot.
  • It doesn’t come with a racquet cover.

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3. E-Force Heatseeker 3.0 175 Racquetball Racquet

The patented dual cylinder frame construction of this racquet allows for longer strings while reducing frame twist and distortion.

At the same time, the frame of this racquet is very stiff thanks to the Total Carbon Head and Tri-Carbon Frame technologies used.

You might notice that handle on this racquet is longer than what you are used to.

This is because of the Powerhouse Shaft technology, which increases the handle by about 2 inches.

The reason behind this is so that there’s reduced drag for greater racquet head speeds.

Using Recoil Power Edge, E-force has managed to incorporate larger and stiffer cylinders in the racquet’s hitting area.

This way, the racquet has a more solid feel and power, resulting from the stabilized frame.

The Full Motion Cross String Technology allows for the longest possible cross strings which move 360° unrestricted in free space.

The string bed is, therefore, livelier and provides maximum power upon ball impact.

  • A stiff racquet with a solid feel.
  • It packs a lot of power.
  • Features vibration dampening.
  • It provides a very lively ball response.
  • It has a small sweet spot, so there’s little room for errors.

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4. E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet 160g

The E-Force Takeover is just the racquet you need to take over the court and completely dominate your opponents.

The hitting surface on this racquet is very forgiving on off-center shots.

This is made possible by the LaunchPad technology, which evenly distributes the power response of the string bed, for reduced deflection distortion.

So, whenever you hit the ball, what you get is a crisp, sharp feel upon contact, and this translates into power and blinding velocity.

Hitting leverage is further increased by the Powerhouse Shaft, which places frame mass near the racquet’s hitting surface.

As powerful as this racquet is, the string bed has been stabilized by G2 Power Boosters, which also aid in vibration reduction.

String vibration is further minimized by the Zero Richter Tubes present in the hollow handle and extending onto the lower throat area.

With reduced vibrations, the player gets to stay in control throughout the game.

  • Very lightweight yet powerful.
  • Stable and durable racquet.
  • It has an aerodynamic frame shape for maneuverability.
  • It gives an excellent ball response.
  • It can be a bit challenging to restring through the handle.

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5. E-Force Warhead Racquetball Racquet

The graphite composition of this racquet’s frame means that you will be using this racquetball racquet for very many years before you need a replacement.

It has impressive stiffness and durability, not to mention being packed with power and a ton of technologies.

The Bypass Stringing System has the main strings skipping every two holes.

This way, there are minimal chances of the ball directly striking two adjacent main strings at once.

This way, the racquet delivers more power and livelier ball response.

LaunchPad Technology has also enhanced the flexibility of the strings on this racquet.

This is whereby unnecessary cross strings that limit deflection are eliminated.

The elimination of these strings in the racquet throat maximizes power by increasing the string bed deflection.

Similar to all E-Force racquets, the Warhead also features vibration dampening provided by the Zero Richter Tubes in the hollow racquet handle.

  • Enhanced string deflection gives a lively ball response.
  • It has a large sweet spot.
  • It comes with a wrist lanyard.
  • It has high-quality, durable strings.
  • It’s quite a heavy racquet.

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FAQs About E-Force Racquetball Racquet 

Where to Buy E-Force Racquetball Racquets?

E-Force has an up-to-date website, and all racquet purchases could be made from here, especially if you intend to make your purchase online.

Regardless, there are a ton of other authorized websites where you can get genuine E-Force racquetball racquets.

At the same time, there are authorized physical dealers as well. These are best for those who like to touch and feel a racquet before they can make their purchase.

Is It Worth It to Buy E-Force Racquetball Racquets In 2020?

E-force racquets never seem to disappoint, and this applies even for their lower-priced entry-level racquets.

The company prioritizes technology and quality, and in case of anything, you will come to find that they have outstanding warranty policies.

So, should you still buy an E-Force racquet in 2020? Absolutely.

The pros still trust this brand, so why wouldn’t you?

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