head ares 175 racquetball racquet review

Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet Review

The Head Ares 175g racquet is part of the Olympus Series released by Head in 2013/2014. The entire series comprises Zeus (165g), Ares (175g), and Hades (170g).

Now allow me to start by giving you a brief Greek mythology lesson.

Remember Zeus? The supreme god in ancient Greek mythology? Well, Ares, was Zeus’ son. He was also the Greek god of war.

Whether you believe in Greek mythology or not, the Head Ares is one racquet you want to have with you if you plan on flooring your opponent at the racquetball court.

This racquet hits hard and comes packed with technology to guarantee unparalleled power and stability.

Let’s see exactly what the Head Ares racquetball racquet has to offer.

Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet Review

The Head Ares has been constructed using Head’s Innegra™ fiber material which is the lightest high-performance fiber you can find in the world today.

As you might have already guessed, the use on Innegra™ explains why this racquet is so lightweight, weighing just 185g when strung. However, that’s not to mean that this is a flimsy product.

Innegra™ is an ultra-tough material, meaning you can use your Ares racquet for years without it losing its properties.

The advantage of a lightweight racquet is that the player gets to enjoy optimum manoeuvrability. A light racquet swings faster, but the lightness of the racquet could lower its power.

To counter this effect, the Ares has been designed with a head-heavy balance, meaning the majority of the weight is focused at the head of the racquet.

A head-heavy balance helps increase swing speed and swing weight, thereby resulting in more powerful shots even when playing with a lightweight racquet. So, this way, you get the best of both worlds: power and control.

This racquet comes factory strung with Megablast 16g which is an incredibly durable high gauge string.

Upon impact, the highly elastic ‘snap back’ strings create an incredible “trampoline effect” which gives the ball unprecedented acceleration and power.

Making use of Inner Grommet System 2 (IGS2) Technology, this racquet doesn’t have exterior grommet holes. They have been eliminated to reduce the weight of the racquet, while still delivering optimal stiffness.

At the same time, the grommets are lined with Teflon friction-reducing polymer which allows the strings to slide through the IGS tubes with hardly any friction.

Elimination of friction means that there is maximum energy transfer, resulting in increased power with every shot.

Still, on the string bed of this racquet, there are power channels located deep inside the throat, and this helps increase the length of the main strings. Longer main strings mean greater deflection, which results in more power.

Another thing to take note of is the 16/16 string pattern which delivers precision, power and durability of the strings.

The 3-5/8 in. grip on this racquet is on the smaller side, which makes the Ares racquet suitable for use by a wide range of players.

Additionally, with a smaller grip size, the player can have maximum wrist snap for increased power. This especially comes in handy considering that the racquet is reasonably lightweight.

The HydroSorb White factory grip that this racquet comes with will exceed all your expectations. It provides an incredible combination of cushioning and shock absorption.

Additionally, the tacky grip has perforations which allow for airflow, thereby preventing your palms from becoming too sweaty.

  • Very powerful.
  • Lightweight racquet.
  • The strings have impressive elasticity.
  • It has tremendous stability.
  • The high-quality grip is very comfortable.
  • There’s minimal vibration.
  • The racquet is quite fragile.
  • It takes some getting used to.

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Head Ares 175 Specs & Features

Frame Composition: Innegra™ Fiber

Frame Technology: YouTek™, Innegra™, CT2, Power Channels, Power Stabilizer

Frame Shape: Modified Teardrop

Strung Surface: 106 sq. in.

Balance: 3pts Head Heavy

Racquet Length: 22 in.

Beam Width: 21mm

Unstrung Weight: 175g

Strung Weight: 194g

Factory String: Megablast 16g

String Pattern: 16 Mains / 16 Crosses

Strung Swing Weight: 157 kg x cm²

Grommet Technology: IGS2

Recommended String Tension: 31-37 lbs.

Factory Grip: HydroSorb White

Grip Size: SS 3-5/8 in.


Does It Come with a Cover?

No, there isn’t a cover included with the purchase of this racquet.

Does This Racquet Have a Wrist Strap?

Yes, it does come with a black wrist strap.

What’s the Warranty for This Racquet?

The racquet comes with a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.


The Head Ares racquetball racquet is light, powerful and responsive on the court.

These factors make it an excellent fit for intermediate-level players looking for an excellent mid-range racquet. In particular, this is a perfect option for the players who prefer a racquet that has a solid weight and feel.

Are you ready to play like a Greek god? Well, go on ahead and grab this racquet from Head’s Olympus series.

After all, did you know that the Head Ares has been endorsed by Paola Longoria – the 4-time Pro World Champion?

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